Ted Bumgardner

areas of expertise
  • General Contractor Standard of Care
  • Construction Manager Standard of Care
  • Contract Disputes
  • Cost of Repair
  • Delay and Delay Damages
  • BS Architectural Engineering, UT Austin
  • 45 Years of experience in residential and commercial construction
  • California Licensed General Contractor
  • Extensive testifying experience

I have always been in love with construction. My dad was constantly building or remodeling something and he had me using power tools and driving a tractor from my single digit years.  

Bumgardner Consulting is the culmination of over 45 years in the construction industry where Ted Bumgardner’s passion for all aspects of construction and his extensive experience as a contractor, sub-contractor, construction manager, teacher, and consultant are focused on making complex issues simple so non-technical decision makers, like triers of fact, can make informed decisions.

After ending up on scholastic probation at the University of Texas in Austin perusing a degree in Mechanical Engineering and hating every minute of it, I went back to East Texas the summer of my sophomore year where I had dated a cute redhead while attending junior college there.  She encouraged me to apply for a job at a huge power plant project under construction down the road near Longview Texas.  After one day on the job holding a rod on a survey crew, I was summoned to the main field office where me and another engineering student were met by the project chief estimator.  He explained to us that the project had doubled in size from when it was bid and our jobs that summer would be to perform quantity take-off work from the plans to quantify the changes.  I raised my hand and said, “but sir, I don’t know how to read plans”.  His response was – “well son, we’re going to teach you.”  In hindsight, that meeting in the job trailer was a major tipping point in my life. 

The guys on the job taught me way more than just how to read plans and do quantity take-offs.  They taught me that construction was a profession and instilled in me the passion for building on a major scale.  That summer I also discovered that UT had an Architectural Engineering program with a focus on construction management.  I immediately changed my major and within 2 semesters, I went from scholastic probation to the Dean’s list.  I have been absolutely and passionately in love with construction and everything about construction ever since. I also fell in love with that cute redhead who I have been married to for over 45 years. 

After graduating from UT in 1978 with my Bachelor of Science degree in Architectural Engineering, I went to work for Sundt construction as project engineer on a 5-story office building project in Austin.  Soon after, I was transferred to the Chino Basin Wastewater Treatment Plant project in Chino California where I was project engineer for process piping and upon completion, I was transferred to Dallas Texas to be a project engineer and night shift superintendent on the construction of the Olympia York Slipform, the largest slip-formed

building core project in the US.  Then on to 2 more slipform projects at Williams Square in Irving Texas.  (Insert Cover of ENR Photo) From there, I was assigned to be the project engineer on the construction of the DFW Grapevine Hilton Hotel and Conference Center in Grapevine Texas with two 16 story towers and a large conference facility where I was involve from the layout of the buildings all the way through the commissioning and handing over of the keys to the Owner. 

After the DFW Hilton project, I left Sundt to join Beltway Construction in Addison Texas where at the age of 29, I became the Vice President of Operations with 6 project managers reporting to me.  Beltway was a general contracting company specializing in public works, manufacturing facilities, office buildings and commercial construction including the design-build construction of the Litton Core Laboratory facility in Irvine.  While at Beltway, I was involved as a founding officer of Construction Management Technologies, Inc., Beltway’s construction management entity with projects in Texas and China. 

In 1988, my young family and I moved to San Diego to start up Davidson Construction Company as a subsidiary of Davidson Communities. I became Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of Davidson Construction where we specialized in building commercial, multi-family, single family, and public works construction until we were bought out along with Davidson Communities in 1993.  The new ownership had no interest in the general contracting business and focused on for-sale housing as Brookfield Homes. 

I left and joined San Diego based construction management company, Gafcon as its 12th employee. I became Sr. Vice President and was the license holder as Responsible Managing Employee (RME) for Gafcon.  Gafcon grew to become listed by Engineering News Record in the top 100 CM firms in the US.  Gafcon projects included the renovation of China Basin Landing in San Francisco, renovation of the Reno Tahoe Airport, major post-earthquake reconstruction after the Northridge Earthquake, construction of the San Diego Jewish Academy, numerous high-rise residential projects, and major school program management projects. 

Shortly after joining Gafcon, I started testifying as an expert witness in General Contractor Standard of Care and Cost of Repair assignments and during the 16 years I was at Gafcon, I developed their Consulting Services business which included forensics, property condition assessments, prevailing wage monitoring, quality assurance, and other construction technical consulting.  

In 2009, I developed and taught a full semester graduate level course in construction management as a part of the master’s degree Program in Civil Engineering at San Diego State University.  I also became a founding shareholder and technical advisor to NoteVault, an international technology service that provides automated real time project reporting documentation to the construction industry. 

In 2009, I left Gafcon to start Xpera Group, a San Deigo based construction consulting company specializing in forensics, property condition assessment, and other technical consulting services. In 2012, we acquired Roel Consulting and expanded our services into quality assurance and building envelope construction.  We also developed XperaCM, a subsidiary company specializing in construction management services for large multi-family projects in California and Colorado. I was the founder, CEO and RMO for Xpera. 

In 2020, Xpera was acquired by Vertex Companies, an international engineering and consulting company, where I was Consulting Services Principal from the acquisition until August of 2023. While at Vertex, I was retained by the court appointed receiver as the lead construction consultant on The One Bel Air, the largest modern single-family home in America, retained on numerous major delay and contract dispute cases, and major property loss cases arising out of California wildfires.  Also, while at Vertex, I developed an expert witness testifying skills training program for Vertex experts nationwide. 

Over the past 30 years I have been retained as a consultant and/or expert witness on over 700 cases, testified under oath over 300 times, and testified in trial or arbitration over 90 times.

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